2020 New product 660 Join (Summer of the Band) and (Chinese New Rap)
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 2021 New product 660 Join (Summer of the Band) and (Chinese New Rap) 

"Summer of the Band" is one of the most popular large-scale programs among young people and audiences in China in 2020!

  It is an original music variety show produced by iQiyi and Mi Wei co-produced and produced. After 8 months, the program group has assembled 31 bands of different styles and competed for the birth of the Chinese HOT5 band through the content design and music performance of different themed units. Showcasing different modern music styles such as punk, pop rock, metal, rap metal, retro psychedelic rock, Funk and so on. Bring you the hottest and most explosive summer!


The new issue of "Summer of the Band" competition system has become cruel. If the first three stages are the audition stage, then starting from the fourth stage, the competitive mode has been opened, and it has gone from a warm artistic life to a gunpowder-filled rivalry.


Lighting Design:

1>The stage lighting is designed by EYE members Tian Weijun and Lu Xiaowei

2>Lighting design EYE showstudio Lu Xiaowei


The background of the stage adopts the design of reverse arc-shaped light wall. There are many performing bands. It is necessary for the lighting to match the performance on the scene to give the audience different feelings. Taking this into account, the lighting designer hopes that the light wall can bring more changes, and installed There are many types of lamps, such as beam lights, strobe lights, pattern lights, LED moving head lights, and LED matrix lights.


Our new product 660 Zoom Bar Moving Head and 2720 Outdoor LED Strobe Light joined the two largest variety shows in China-(Band's Summer) and (Chinese New Rap).


The use of new products is our BEYOND lighting once again attracted the attention of the domestic market.


In terms of face light, there is also a difference from the traditional column face light treatment method, but the comprehensive rock music, music festival, TV column face light treatment method, bold innovation, according to different bands and performance styles, different levels of treatment for each band , For example, some bands will use colorful surface lights in their performances to render the content and emotions that music needs to express.


Due to the limited time for the text, you can contact us to get more live pictures and videos!

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